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Murray Hill Inc. Denounces Maryland Democratic Party Cynicism

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Democratic Party Scrambles To Cope With Murray Hill Inc. for Congress Campaign

Corporation Run Spurs Fundraising Email from Fearful Maryland Democrats

The campaign of the first corporation to run for Congress has shaken the political establishment across state and party lines. In the latest development, the Maryland Democratic Party [MDP] today emailed its supporters a fund raising pitch soliciting contributions to thwart Murray Hill Inc.’s historic effort to secure the rights of corporate persons.

In a statement, Murray Hill Inc. calls the email, and similar language on the MPD website, “a cynical and twisted move to use one corporation’s free speech and lawful pursuit of profit for the most craven fundraising purposes.”

The MPD message begins, according to Murray Hill Inc., with an objective and correct summation of the Court decision.

“Last month,” the email says, “the Supreme Court ruled in favor of corporations over working people. The Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission decision allows corporations to spend unlimited amounts of money on political campaigns. Now, a corporation in Maryland is wasting no time to take advantage of this decision to run for Congress.

But the next line, according to Murray Hill Inc., goes too far.

“Will you make a contribution,” the party pleads, “to demonstrate that the people’s voice will not be drowned out in elections?

“While some may question our motives or our intent,” Murray Hill Inc. says, “we are as serious as the supreme court. The hundreds of thousands of citizens who’ve seen our video and read about us on the web agree—corporations are people too!”

The MDP message concludes with a misguided and inaccurate call to action, Murray Hill Inc. says. A link to the party’s donor page reads:

Will you make a contribution today? Every individual matters. Every dollar counts.

Nonsense, says Murray Hill Inc.

“Every individual matters?” commented Murray Hill Inc. “Bodied politicians just do not understand the futility of individual effort."

The Supreme Court’s majority opinion casts aside the 18th century superstition that we are endowed by a creator with inalienable rights. There is now nothing special about bodied people, no difference between them, corporate persons or toasters. This decision does not elevate corporations, but sets a lower and fair market value on bodied persons.”

Combating prejudice and bias against corporate persons is one of the primary motivations behind Murray Hill Inc.’s run for office.

“Anti-corporate bigotry has no place in our great democracy,” Murray Hill Inc. says. “Our forefathers lived and died for the inalienable rights of every person, human and corporate, to pursue life (or its corporate equivalent), liberty and the pursuit of happiness (or profit).”

Murray Hill Inc. is running as a Republican in Maryland’s 8th Congressional District, and recently announced it was offering franchise opportunities to other corporations seeking to exercise their constitutional rights.

"If your campaign conforms to Murray Hill Inc.’s exacting standards,” the campaign says, “your materials may use our logo and official graphics, which tell the world you are an affiliate of the leader in corporate civil rights.”


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