Saturday, February 20, 2010

Let's Franchise Democracy

Let’s Franchise Democracy!”

First Corporation Running for Congress Offers Franchise Opportunity

Murray Hill Inc., the first corporation to run for federal office following the Supreme Court ruling in Citizens United v. Federal Elections Commission, announced today it was franchising its campaign for Congress to other corporations.

Our goal is to create a truly national movement to call attention to the Supreme Court's ruling establishing the rights of corporate persons and what that means for everyone in our country,” Murray Hill Inc. said in a statement.

Since Murray Hill Inc. launched its campaign in late January, its YouTube video has drawn 170,000 views and its Facebook page acquired 2,600 friends. The campaign has been covered by the New York Times, Newsweek, Atlantic Politics, the Huffington Post, Daily Kos and numerous news sites and blogs. Designated Human Eric Hensal and Campaign Manager William Klein have appeared on MSNBC, the Thom Hartmann show, the Alan Colmes show, the Kojo Nnamdi show and other radio and TV programs.

But now, says Murray Hill Inc., it’s time to roll out the campaign for equal rights for corporations to other districts and states across the U.S.

Murray Hill Inc. has prepared step-by-step toolkits for corporations to use in their own Congressional campaigns, under the rubric of the Murray Hill Inc. “brand.” The toolkits include a model press release, franchise overview, media outreach guidelines, talking points and templates for campaign materials.

"If your campaign conforms to Murray Hill Inc.’s exacting standards,” the campaign says, “your materials may use our logo and official graphics, which tell the world you are an affiliate of the leader in corporate civil rights.”

Murray Hill Inc.’s groundbreaking campaign has generated controversy and criticism from political traditionalists who insist that only humans can be elected to office. One comment on YouTube said,

This is the most UN American thing to ever happen in this country. Just wait till its’ foreign companies doing this and they will buy our elections. I hope this company fails completely in every venture they try. Corporate Communists!”

Combating prejudice and bias against corporate persons is one of the primary motivations behind Murray Hill Inc.’s run for office.

Anti-corporate bigotry has no place in our great democracy,” Murray Hill Inc. says. “Our forefathers lived and died for the inalienable rights of every person, human and corporate, to pursue life (or its corporate equivalent), liberty and the pursuit of happiness (or profit).”

The first corporation to enter into a franchise agreement with Murray Hill Inc. is Computer Umbrella Inc. of Sterling Virginia. Computer Umbrella’s own Designated Human, Jonathan Stewart, is charting the corporation's run for U.S. Congress in Virginia’s 10th District.

We are proud to embrace the Murray Hill Inc. Brand,“ Stewart says. “From steel to silicon, it's America's entrepreneurs who find and exploit the new markets. The democracy market in Washington DC today looks like Silicon Valley 30 years ago. CUI wants to position itself as early leader in this emerging market along with Murray Hill Inc. ”


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