Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Obama Nominates Failed Citizens United Opponent to Supreme Court Murray Hill Inc. for Congress campaign says, “Bring It On”

Released May 12, 2010--

Following is a statement from Murray Hill Inc. for Congress, the first corporation to run for Congress following the Supreme Court’s decision in Citizens United v. Federal Elections Commission. The government’s position in the case was argued by Elena Kagan, President Obama’s nominee to replace Justice John Paul Stevens. 

“When the U.S. Supreme Court voted 5-4 to protect the right of corporate persons to contribute to federal campaigns, a predictable outcry was raised by some who cling to a misguided belief in so-called “inalienable rights” of bodied persons. Such a notion is so 19th Century!

"President Barack Obama joined the fray during his State of the Union address, when he vilified the Court's decision and called for Congress to nullify its impact, provoking a fit of apoplexy in Justice Alito. Now, in a transparent attempt to thwart Murray Hill Inc.'s historic candidacy, the president has stepped up his attack by appointing the very architect of the now thoroughly discredited argument against corporate civil rights.
"Murray Hill Inc. says to Barack Obama, bring it on! It is now the law of the land that corporations are people too--with the same rights and privileges enjoyed by humans. The courts have devoted endless attention to the rights of the "unborn," but finally, they are recognizing the rights of the never born.

"That's why, freed from the shackles of democratic disenfranchisement by an enlightened Supreme Court, Murray Hill Inc. declared its candidacy for Congress and began what has grown into a national, indeed international movement to usher in a new, human-free era of representative democracy. Hundreds of thousands supporters have viewed our YouTube video, and our campaign has been featured on NPR, MSNBC, the BBC, the Washington Post, New York Times and other major media. More people have seen news about Murray Hill Inc. for Congress than have read Elena Kagan's law review articles.

"Murray Hill Inc. will not be intimidated by Barack Obama, Elena Kagan or anyone else seeking to perpetuate anti-corporate bigotry and discrimination. We hope to testify at Elena Kagan's nomination hearing and further amplify our views."


  1. Corpaphobia is the last type of bigotry allowed in polite human society. I pray for the day robots will replace humans and form super corps.


  2. We will know that America is truly a part of the 21st Century when corporations are afforded the same rights as me. Disembodied person-hood is a constitutional right laid out by our forefathers who knew that the East India Tea Company had rights, too. If my cat can be approved for a credit card, Murray Hill, Inc. can be a US Congressperson-hood.

    Godspeed, Murray Hill, Inc.


  4. I can't wait til Murray Hill runs for president.